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Issue 46 - May 2017

Issue 46 - May 2017

22nd May 2017

As the magazine is about to go to print, the terrible atrocities committed in Manchester are fresh in everyone’s minds.

Here at the Billboard we send our deepest condolences to those affected by this cruel act of terrorism and our highest praise to the emergency services who worked tirelessly and bravely through the night. 

Manchester is a wonderful city and GMP are an exemplary force who I know will stand together to grieve, protect and heal their diverse and warm community. 

This issue we have extensive coverage of the Police Federation Conference, where The Home Secretary expressed gratitude for the job many of you do without fanfare every single day: “We owe you, the police, an incredible debt, for the courage and bravery you exhibit in the line of duty. For your willingness to put yourself in harm’s way, day after day, in order to protect the rest of us.” 

She also promised that Westminster would no longer interfere in policing, stating: “It’s not for me to tell the police how to do their jobs. And as long as I’m Home Secretary there will be no return to the constant interfering from Westminster."  

This year saw a new, shorter format that proved to be a ‘huge success” in the words of Chairman Steve White, You can read more coverage on pages 10 -12.

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20/02/2017 | Issue 45 - February 2017

Issue 45 - February 2017

This issue our cover star is Birmingham Beat bobby, PC Jonathan Lander who next year is poised to join international police conventions in Hong Kong and China focusing on culture, traditions, and giving an insight into triad gangs.

His time in Hong Kong and China will improve his understanding of Chinese culture, help him build community links and identify community-led solutions to issues, and promote inter-cultural dialogue.

Over 30 current and former members of the police service in England, Wales and Northern Ireland have been recognised in the New Year Honours list for 2017.

We have a two-page feature profiling some of the officers who were honoured and how their police career lead them to this prestigious recognition.

Congratulations from all of us at The Billboard! 

A global human rights group has hailed West Midlands Police for its Stop and Search reforms – and suggested Continental cops could benefit from following the force’s lead.

Open Society Foundations hosted a conference in Birmingham to shine a light on West Midlands Police’s efforts make street stops fairer, more targeted and officers more accountable.

You can read more about the excellent work West Midlands Police are doing inside. 

We also have our usual round up of News, Charity, Technology and Work Moves.  

07/11/2016 | Issue 44 - November 2016

Issue 44 - November 2016

This edition it’s a family affair! Two generations of new recruits, a mother whose passion for the job has inspired her two daughters to join the force and two brothers who are pushing each other to be better officers.

You can read all about Verdun Buck who fought in the Second World War before policing the streets of Sutton and the remarkable legacy he left behind on page 10. His story came to light after his son set about tracking down replacement medals after his father’s originals were stolen.

West Midlands Police have re-launched their Top Trumps inspired card game ‘Cop Swops’ which feature caricatures of neighbourhood officers, rating them by ‘Police Power’, ‘rank’ and ‘speed’.

The game is designed to help children become more familiar with their local officers and comfortable approaching and chatting to them, while sharing some important safety messages.

The game was so popular last time that officers had children chasing them down the street asking them for cards!

Kind hearted cops around the country have been running marathons, cycling for miles and spinning, all in the name of charity.

We also have our usual round up of News, Technology and Charity. 

15/08/2016 | Issue 43 - August 2016

Issue 43 - August 2016

Welcome to Augusts edition of the Billboard! 

 This year marked the 21st Anniversary of the Police Bravery Awards. This year’s very worthy winner was PC Sean Cannon, who was also awarded a Chief Constables Commendation and a Bronze Medal from The Royal Humane Society for saving the lives of five members of the same family in a particularly nasty house fire.

Amber Rudd was in attendance for her very first event as Home Secretary; speaking at the ceremony she said: “In this phenomenal job that I have been asked to do I'm just a little bit in awe to hear these personal stories which will remind me of the individuals that make up this extraordinary, wonderful police service.

"I want to thank the Police Federation for this event which has made a dramatic and personable impression on me, my first event as Home Secretary."

All eight region winners’ stories are included inside, each as deserving and inspirational as PC Cannons.  
A huge thank you to all the winners and nominees for your dedication to protecting the public, often with little thought to your own safety, you truly make the British police force the best in the world. 

09/05/2016 | Issue 42 - May 2016

Issue 42 - May 2016

This edition you’ll find coverage of the 92nd Annual Police Federation Conference which took place in Bournemouth on the 17th of May.

Police Reform was high on the agenda; the Home Secretary focused on the further work needed to meet all of the recommendations of the Normington Review.

Federation Chairman, Steve White welcomed the change, stating that Policing in England and Wales is crying out for reform and the federation would welcome the opportunity to be involved in the discussion.

 Though little was said in regards to funding cuts, both Steve White and Andy Burnham put forth a compelling case and asked the Home Secretary not to ‘put a price on public safety’.

On page 24 we have the story of Ethel Violet Bush, a retired Metropolitan Police Officer who recently celebrated her 100th Birthday. Ethel was one of two Metropolitan Women Officers who were the first to be awarded the George Medal for bravery. Her story is fascinating and spans an entire century!

We also have the story of Greater Manchester Police Officer, PC Gareth Sullivan who moonlights as a successful children’s book illustrator in his down time as well as the usual round up of News, Charity and Technology.

15/02/2016 | Issue 41 - February 2016

Issue 41 - February 2016

This edition of The Billboard, Wiltshire Police get behind the first national sexual abuse and sexual violence awareness week ever, showing their support to the #ItsNotOk campaign.

Wiltshire Police also visited the Sexual Assault Referall Centre (SARC) to highlight the important work carried out there and encourage those affected by sex offences to speak out.

The centre celebrates its tenth anniversary this year; offering a range of services from access to counselling and independent sexual violence advisors to medical aspects. They also make onward referrals for Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) screening and assess for vulnerabilities throughout contacts with clients.

A full and comprehensive list of Sexual Assualt Referall Centres across the country can be found at you can also donate to the trust on their website to help support the vital work they are doing in your area.

Big changes to force are seemingly afoot, with announcements from the home secretary regarding reforms in the roles of Police staff and volunteers and the steps made to ‘enable closer working between the Emergency Services’.

Jamie Wilson and Josh Hewer discuss whether this move towards collaborative working dilutes the involvement of PCC’s in the Police force and what this means for the Fire Service. 

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Date: 20th September 2017

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